Timeshare Calendar

In the timeshare industry, timeshare ownerships are given out as specific weeks on a calendar, of which all weeks are valued differently based on the popularity of the location, weather, and a variety of other factors.

Each week of the year is given a number: 1 represents the first week in January and 52 represents the last week of December. When you decide to purchase a timeshare resale or rent timeshare, you will need to know what week number you are buying or renting. You will see this number advertised under “Unit Information” in timeshare resale and rental ads.

Some weeks on the calendar are much more valuable than others. For example, a February vacation week in Aspen, Colorado would be more valuable than a September week at the same resort. Therefore, a timeshare resale or rental during a February week here would be more expensive to purchase. These factors are important to keep in mind while browsing our inventory. Use our timeshare calendar as a reference to help make things a little easier for you while planning.

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